The Johannesburg Paediatric Surgery Practice

What is Paediatric surgery?

Paediatric surgery is an important surgical specialty encompassing a very broad spectrum of childhood diseases, including the operative correction of both congenital and acquired conditions in neonates, infants, children and young people.

With a very strong foundation of academic practice, the unit strives to achieve world class results, in a highly professional environment, whilst at the same time focusing on the specific needs of the children and their care givers.

Team Approach

At the Johannesburg Paediatric Surgery Practice we are particularly focused on a team approach to the care of your child, and have a broad multidisciplinary team of specialists and allied health care professionals committed to their care. Each member of the team excels in their respective area of expertise, and should your child’s condition be complex, you as a parent will need to work closely with anaesthetists, paediatricians, oncologists, radiologists, various nursing staff, and other specialists. Thus we feel it may be beneficial to introduce you to our team!

Association with the Department of Paediatric Surgery at Wits University

The Johannesburg Paediatric Surgery Practice has three Specialist Paediatric Surgeons who also fall under the auspices of the University of the Witwatersrand.

This academic foundation places the team at the cutting edge of the latest procedures and techniques, as well as research. Such a symbiotic relationship greatly benefits your child and will give you, as a parent, piece of mind when it comes to knowledge of working with the best.

Using this website

Whilst we cannot discuss each and every aspect of paediatric surgery as applicable to your particular situation, your child will obviously be unique in their requirements, individually assessed, and you will be specifically counseled and consented as to their specific treatment and care.

This site will give you some insight into the journey you will have with our team, hopefully put your mind at ease as to the quality of care that you will receive, and hopefully help both parent and child alike in understanding their treatment plan and recovery process.

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