Paediatric Oncology

The treatment of childhood cancer

Paediatric Oncologist JohannesburgPaediatric oncology is not only a strict sub speciality of Paediatrics but it draws a devote and passionate group of extraordinary physicians. This is because diagnosing, treating and hopefully curing cancer in children requires a special brand of doctor.

The Johannesburg Paediatric Practice Practice have all the passion and drive to form one cog in this wheel, however they form a small part of a significantly larger multidisciplinary team that is required to diagnose and appropriately treat your child’s malignancy.

What are your options?

Once the diagnosis has been confirmed and relevant investigations completed, there are three possible manners in which paediatric surgeons may be involved in the treatment of your child.

  • The first is in fact during the investigational phase where we may be called upon to perform a biopsy to confirm the diagnosis.
  • Thereafter, irrespective of the type of malignancy, we may be asked to insert a “Port” into your child. This is an implantable device that functions as a permanent drip, minimizing the necessity for repeated injections.
  • The final role of the paediatric surgeon is with respect to definitive treatment, often involving major surgery to remove the tumour.

The doctors will fully counsel you beforehand and ensure that you are fully informed as to the peri-operative process, ensuring that your child is appropriately cared for during the surgery itself, and pre and post operatively.

There can and often will be additional treatment that is used in conjunction with surgery. These include both chemotherapy and radiotherapy, which may be administered prior to definitive surgery. Overall management of childhood cancer is coordinated by CHOC, the Children’s Haematology and Oncology Group, (link to site) with whom we work very closely in the management of these cases.

Children Specific Treatment

Children are not adults and respond very differently to treatment. It is with this knowledge that the links between The Department of Paediatric Surgery, University of the Witwatersrand (external link) and the Johannesburg Paediatric Surgery Practice are at their most successful.

There are ongoing studies to better diagnose and treat children, and your child will be treated with the latest techniques and protocols.  We do not only want to treat your child’s cancer, but we want to make them as comfortable as possible through the entire process.

Family support

This, in essence means ensuring a mentally healthy environment and positive philosophy as well as educating families about the global treatment of the disease. If your child is diagnosed with cancer you can rest assured that every aspect of your child and family’s wellbeing will be at the epicentre of the treatment.

If you believe your child and/or family could benefit from working with the Johannesburg Paediatric SurgeryPractice then please make an appointment to see them on 011 463 7277. Their rooms will direct you to specialists within the unit and form the nucleus around which the unit operates.

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