Paediatric Urology

A common cause for Paediatric Surgery and an area of specific expertise

Paediatric UrologyPaediatric Urology is a highly specialised sub section to Paediatric Surgery and one which covers a vast array of medical problems relating to the urinary tract of infants.

We must remember that infants and children are not adults and their development into adults must be taken into account when detailing procedures and surgery.

Types of Paediatric Urology Surgery

  • Kidney Transplantation
  • Nephrectomy or Hemi-nephrectomy for symptomatic non-functional kidneys
  • Correction of Pelvi-ureteric junction obstruction
  • Operations and procedures to correct symptomatic Vesico-ureteric Reflux
  • Resection of Posterior Urethral Valves
  • Repair of Hypospadias, “Buried Penis” and other conditions affecting the penis
  • Neonatal Circumcision
  • Other Genital surgery, including surgery indicated in the management of Disorders of Sexual Differentiation
  • Bladder surgery, including:
    – Bladder exstrophy (part of the bladder is outside of the body)
    – Neurogenic bladder (brain and nerve disruptions effect bladder function)
  • Undescended testes

If you believe your child and/or family could benefit from working with the Johannesburg Paediatric Surgery Practice then please make an appointment to see them on +27 11 463 7277 (Sandton Mediclinic) or on +27 11 480 4122 (Netcare Parklane). Their rooms will direct you to specialists within the unit and form the nucleus around which the unit operates.


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